About KitchenTools PCMS™

KitchenTools PCMS™

(PCMS is an acronym for "Professional Catering Management Software") is a catering management program that was designed exclusively for the professional catering industry.

KitchenTools PCMS™

includes everything from maintaining information on Customers and Vendors to creating Vendor Orders and Customer Invoices, to a carefully designed and tested label printing feature that utilizes Seagull Scientific's Bartender® Label Printing Software for use on high speed label printers. See their website for more information.

Why KitchenTools PCMS™?

Here are just a few reasons why we think choosing KitchenTools PCMS™ is a smart choice for your business:

The Development Team

KitchenTools Software, Inc. was founded by Michigan natives Keith Hicks and Bill Hicks. Together we have over 40 years of experience in writing custom database software. Keith is a graduate of The University of Michigan with a degree in Electrical Engineering and 20+ years of custom programming under his belt. Bill has a degree in computer science and has spent over 25 years writing software and managing software developers.

How KitchenTools PCMS™ got started

The predecessor program to

KitchenTools PCMS™

was custom designed and written by one of our team members for The Kitchen, Inc. That program proved to be very beneficial (especially helping keep the business profitable during lean economic times). The impact of that program on Bob's business, combined with a growing awareness that the industry was badly in need of new technology to improve profitability, produce less waste and create some free time for their owners inspired the developers to team up a few years ago to begin creating a new, far more sophisticated program specifically designed to manage the operations of professional catering houses.

We feel that KitchenTools PCMS™ is the next step in state of the art professional catering management software. In most industries there are a great many businesses that don't take full advantage of what computers can do for them, often tracking information in multiple systems that don't talk to each other, performing manual calculations and record keeping, and relying almost exclusively on experience based intuition to make business decisions. The latter point often means that one or two owners or employees are irreplaceable and usually over worked. Many such businesses operate in a very low tech way that makes running that business unpredictable, time consuming and not as profitable as possible. Being skilled database developers and problem solvers combined with a very good understanding of the needs of the professional catering industry, it was a natural choice to create this new application.

Mr. Watson is a leader in the industry. He is not only on the cutting edge of technology but also has a great deal of experience from which to draw. Our 15+ year relationship with The Kitchen, Inc. has helped KitchenTools Software, Inc. create a piece of software that significantly surpasses the capabilities of its predecessor. KitchenTools PCMS™ is loaded with features including allowing you to create menu item build-ups and customer menus, generate customizable customer invoices, calculate how much of each supply is needed for the week and automate the printing of customized product labels via BarTender® by Seagull Scientific (which must be purchased separately). This is all done in one sophisticated and intuitive package. See the key features section of this website for more details.

KitchenTools PCMS™ since 2008

The economy hit the professional catering industry very hard in 2008 and many commercial kitchens that had been around for decades sadly had to close their doors. In addition to The Kitchen, Inc. we had two other customers happily running their businesses with our software, Johnson Industrial Catering in Columbus, OH and Deliwagon in Cleveland, OH. Unfortunately both of those long time businesses fell victim to the recession. After 2008 we strove to get our software out there but industries across the board pulled their belts very tight and stopped most spending that wasn't critical to running their businesses. Our original price was $40,000 per catering business (any number of computers). We dropped it to below $10,000 for a time but again, the economy was too rough on everyone. Spending ground to a halt. KitchenTools PCMS™ is currently undergoing some revisions and we're happy to say that there will be ongoing development. Our current pricing at $25,000 per catering business should be very attractive given what KitchenTools PCMS™ has to offer and how quickly it can pay for itself when used to its fullest. We expect to be at some of the upcoming CCFMA conferences and look forward to meeting some of you in person.

Your next step

If you have questions or would like more information regarding the pricing or features of KitchenTools PCMS™, please feel free to contact us via our online form, by phone at 248-875-7580 or by email at sa***@**tchentoolssoftware.com. You may also contact Bob Watson at his office in Madison Heights, MI at 248-545-0641. Bob will be happy to answer questions as they relate to the use of KitchenTools PCMS™ and how this software is benefiting his company.

The Future

Our goal is not only to write software that handles the needs of the industry in the best possible way but also to provide our customers with all the tools necessary to understand how to integrate KitchenTools PCMS™ into their businesses. This includes things like fully integrated, searchable help, online FAQ and an intuitive user interface.


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